Bergen – Voss ENG — 06.06.2015

Bergen-Voss & Norheimsund-Voss

Collecting start number for Bergen-Voss 2015

  • Where do I find the cycling race HQ? Our race HQ is located at BoA Sykler (cycling store). The address is Fjøsangerveien 207. About 5 km south of Bergen city centre.
  • Race HQ opening hours: Tuesday 2nd of June (10.00 – 20.00) until Friday 5th of June (10.00 – 20.00)
  • What do I need when collecting my start number? A few days before race HQ opens, you will receive an e.mail and a sms from Ultimate Sports Service. Print out the email and present it at the race HQ or present the SMS you received and you will receive your start number.
  • Collecting start numbers for others than yourself? If you plan to collect start numbers for others than yourself, they must forward their email or SMS from Ultimate Sports Service to you, so that you can present it at the race HQ.
  • Cycling licence? Riders are required to have a cycling licence when taking part in cycle sportive events in Norway. (because of insurance) Norwegian riders can choose between an annual licence (obtained through their local cycling club) or a one day licence. The insurance part of the one day license that the Norwegian Cycling Union issues is only valid for norwegian citizens, or foreigners who are members of The Norwegian National Insurance Scheme. For more information read HEREAn annual licence can be obtained in your resident country, but this normally means that you have to be a registered member of a cycling club. Contact your national cycling union for more information and check that the insurance they offer you also covers you when abroad. When collecting their start numbers at race HQ, participants not covered by the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme will be asked to sign an Athlete’s Declaration form, confirming among other things that they have a valid sports or travel insurance that covers them during the event. This form you can find HERE.